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In the bustling world of pest control, standing out from the crowd is no small feat, especially when one is up against giants like Rentokil. However, Warren Smyth, the enterprising owner of what was once A1 Pest Control in Essex, decided to make a bold move by relocating to Somerset and rebranding his business as Smyth Pest Control. Recognising the need for a fresh start and a distinct identity, Warren turned to us for help, and what a journey it has been!

Out with the old, in with the new

Our task was not just to create a new website but to encapsulate the essence of Warren's business transformation. The previous website, to put it mildly, was a bit of an awkward homage to Rentokil, complete with dubious claims and services that were as far-fetched as offering beaver control in an area where the largest wildlife concern is probably an overly bold squirrel. Our goal was to not only distance Smyth Pest Control from these inaccuracies but to also highlight the unique, personal touch Warren brings to his work. 

We embarked on crafting a website that reflects the heart and soul of Smyth Pest Control. Gone are the days of a faceless, corporate facade. Instead, visitors to the site are now greeted by the warm, welcoming face of Warren himself, emphasizing the personal, one-on-one service he prides himself on. This personal touch is crucial in an industry where trust and reliability are paramount. After all, when you're dealing with wasps deciding to throw a rave in your attic, you want to know the person evicting them is as friendly as they are proficient.

We haven't stopped there

The rebranding and website overhaul were only the beginning. We've also been working closely with Warren on ongoing SEO efforts to ensure that Smyth Pest Control not only looks good but is easily found by those in need of its services. The results speak for themselves – Warren has reported a bumper year so far, with his wasp nest removal services being particularly buzzing with activity.

In a world where everyone claims to be the best, the new Smyth Pest Control website stands out by simply being genuine. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when a business decides to let its true colours shine, supported by a web design that understands the importance of personality, precision, and a bit of British humour. Warren's journey from Essex to Somerset, from A1 Pest Control to Smyth Pest Control, has been more than just a change of scenery – it's been a transformation towards authenticity and success. And we're chuffed to have been part of it.

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