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In the picturesque city of Cambridge, where the gleam of sun on glass is rivalled only by the reflection of its historic colleges in the River Cam, James of JEIT Window Cleaning sought to bring a little more clarity, not just to windows, but to his digital presence. With a vision for simplicity and a tight budget, James approached us for a website redesign that would serve as a digital handshake and a virtual brochure rather than a magnet for online search traffic.

The challenge

James's previous online foray was a modest single-page site that, while earnest in its attempt, fell short of truly showcasing his services. It lacked essential elements such as effective contact options and was a little broken in places, making it a bit like a window smeared with soap suds – you knew there was something good on the other side, but you couldn't quite see it.

Understanding the constraints of budget and the specific needs of JEIT Window Cleaning, we crafted a sleek, three-page website that prioritised user experience and visual appeal over complexity. In a field where the visual results speak volumes, we were presented a unique challenge – James had no before-and-after photos of his sparkling windows. To circumvent this, we leaned into a bold, dual-tone colour scheme, infusing the site with engaging visual elements that captured the essence of JEIT's services without needing a gallery of glistening panes.

The new website is a testament to the power of simplicity. It now proudly features accessible contact forms for potential clients to reach out, paving the way for James to collect customer information efficiently – a significant leap from the previous site's limitations. Additionally, we ensured that the broken elements were a thing of the past, enabling clients to locate JEIT Window Cleaning with ease.

The results, and what's next

Currently, we're in the exciting phase of planning enhancements to the website, including the integration of newly commissioned photographs of James's work, which will add a new layer of authenticity and appeal to the digital brochure. This update is eagerly awaited, but even in its current form, the website has been a clear success. James has reported a noticeable uptick in work requests through the site, proving that even the simplest digital tool, when thoughtfully designed, can have a significant impact.

The journey with JEIT Window Cleaning reminds us that sometimes, less truly is more. A website doesn't need to be sprawling or complex to be effective; it just needs to be smart, functional, and reflective of the business it represents. James's satisfaction and the positive feedback from his clients affirm that we've hit the mark, and we're looking forward to seeing how the upcoming additions will further enhance his digital window to the world.

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